Tour de Farm - Stage 3 - Gentle Breeze Honey Registration

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Tour de Farm - Stage 3 - Gentle Breeze Honey Registration


The registration fee covers the ride itself, a tour of the Gentle Breeze Honey facility, and a honey tasting.

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We source all of our honey from Gentle Breeze Honey just outside of Mount Horeb. This includes honey for food in our restaurant (e.g. the ricotta plate) and honey for some of our ciders (e.g. the Cyser and the Pollinator). Gentle Breeze partners with an impressive number of Wisconsin farmers and beekeepers to keep the honey supply flowing, which in turn keeps flowers pollinated. In fact, Gentle Breeze has hives at Appleberry Farm from the June 30th ride. We like supporting and being part of integrated agricultural systems! The Gentle Breeze bike ride will be a relatively short, family friendly ride starting at Brix Cider and stopping at Gentle Breeze Honey. We’ll get a tour of the facility at Gentle Breeze, and we’ll have the opportunity to try some of their honeys!

Ride details:

10:45 am - Meet at Brix Cider

11:00 am - Depart for Gentle Breeze Honey

11:30 am - Arrive at Gentle Breeze Honey for a tour and a honey tasting

12:15 pm - Depart Gentle Breeze Honey

12:45 pm - Arrive back at Brix Cider in Mount Horeb

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