Egremont Russet

Egremont Russet Apple

Apple Description

Medium sized apple, somewhat flattened.  Rough, russeted skin.  Rich, nutty flavor.

Juice Analysis

Brix = 12.6

Specific Gravity = 1.051

pH = 3.47

Total Acidity (Malic) = 7.7

Total Tannins = 0.12%

Cider Description

Color - Very attractive.  Classy.  Old gold.  Mostly clear.

Aroma - Subtle apple.  Hint of clove.

Flavor - Medium body, noticeable alcohol.  Moderate to high acidity, like tart cherry juice.  Long finish.  Little noticeable tannins.

Overall Impression - An elegant, enjoyable cider on its own.  Would add a nice color and a bit of acidity to a blend.

Egremont Russet Cider