Apple Description

An apple grafted from a tree at the Garfield Farm Museum in LaFox, Illinois.  The tree was likely planted in the 1840s.  Not positively identified (i.e. the name Garfield is Dan Bussey's). Variable size and color.  Generally multi-colored with pale red, green or yellow striping.

Juice Analysis

Brix = 13.6

Specific Gravity = 1.055

pH = 3.64

Total Acidity (Malic) = 8.2

Total Tannins = 0.16%

Cider Description

Color - Gold.  Mostly clear.

Nose - Light apple blossom.  Caramel.

Flavor - Medium body.  Medium acidity.  Rich apple flavor.  Mild but pleasant tannins, lightly drying.

Overall Impression - Excellent cider.  Nicely balanced.  Intriguing aroma and full flavor.  Intriguing story to the apple as well.

Garfield Cider