Gloster Apple

Apple Description

Medium sized apple.  Heart shaped.  Full, dark red.  Sweet.

Juice Analysis

Brix = 13.8

Specific Gravity = 1.056

pH = 3.45

Total Acidity (Malic) = 5.7

Total Tannins = 0.12%

Cider Description

Appearance - Light gold with a hint of pink/red.  Mild haze.  Moderate color intensity and brilliance.

Nose - Ripe fruit aroma.  Subtle but pleasant.

Taste - Initial burst of flavor and gushing, juicy mouthfeel that fades to a lingering astringency.  Moderate acidity and notable "bite" of alcohol.  The astringent finish suggests more tannins than testing revealed.

Overall Impression - Good, full flavored cider with nice balance of acids.  It stands up fairly well on its own or could be used to add some oomph to a weaker cider.

Gloster Cider