Minkler Apple

Variety Description

Round, medium sized apple.  Pale yellow green mostly covered in red and pink blush.  Heirloom apple from Illinois in the 1800s, often used for cider.

Juice Analysis

Brix = 12.4

Specific Gravity = 1.05

pH = 3.67

Total Acidity = 4.6

Total Tannins = 0.16%

Cider Description

Color – Cloudy, light amber, hint of pink.

Nose – Mild.  Ripe apple.  Earthy, spiced.

Flavor – Moderate mouthfeel.  Little acidity.  Noticeable tannins, mildly bitter and astringent.  Slightly woody, leathery flavor.  

Overall Impression – A unique cider both in terms of the story of the apple and its uncommon flavor.  Could be bumped up with a higher gravity, higher acidity apple, but interesting on its own.