Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Cider

Our ciders are not just locally made; they are locally grown. We use 100% locally grown apples. We never add concentrate, water, or any artificial flavors. When we add other ingredients such as fruit, honey, or hops, we source them locally whenever possible. Most of our ciders are dry because that’s the way we like them.

To date we have sourced apples from 18 farms in Wisconsin, all within 60 miles of our production space and tasting room in Mount Horeb. We craft small batches with single orchard origins. Rather than striving for uniformity (which is boring) we allow each batch to develop a character of its own, with unique blends of apples that bring out the varietal characteristics and the personalities of each orchard.

With larger batches, we will bottle up a portion for distribution to local retailers, but smaller batches will only be available in our tasting room. With so many small batches, our tap lines will be regularly changing. A tap list from February 5th, 2019 is included below:

Tap List Feb 5 2019.jpg