Perry Russet

Perry Russet Apple

Apple Description

Medium to large apple.  Yellow green and only occasionally russeted.  Crunchy and tart.

Juice Analysis

Brix = 13.3

Specific Gravity = 1.054

pH = 3.35

Total Acidity (Malic) = 10.6

Total Tannin = 0.19%

Cider Description

Color – Yellow/gold, mostly clear.

Nose – Light apple, honey, pear.

Flavor – Medium body.  High acidity dominates the flavor, like “biting into a lemon” though there is nothing particularly citric about it.  Long, tart, dry finish.  No noticeable bitterness but some astringency.

Overall Impression – A good cider apple overall.  Probably too tart on its own for most palettes, but the acidity and moderate astringency would lend well to a blend.

Perry Russet Cider