Red Cortland

Red Cortland Apple

Apple Description

Large, very similar to a regular Cortland, just a bit redder.  Great all-purpose apple.

Juice Analysis

Brix = 11.2

Specific Gravity = 1.045

pH = 3.23

Total Acidity (Malic) = 6.1

Total Tannins = 0.06%

Cider Description

Color - Pale, light straw, mostly clear.

Nose - Very faint apple aroma.

Flavor - Low to medium body.  Light at first with a tart, lingering finish.  Medium acidity overall.  Little to no noticeable tannins.

Overall Impression - Very drinkable cider.  Fine for a base apple.  Might be nice to have a higher gravity apple to fill it out, but it's nonetheless enjoyable as a light, refreshing cider.