Smokehouse Apple

Apple Description

Medium to large apple.  Exceptionally juicy.  Somewhat flattened and round like a donut.  

Juice Analysis

Brix = 13.3

Specific Gravity = 1.054

pH = 3.52

Total Acidity (Malic) = 6.6

Total Tannins = 0.15%

Cider Description

Color - Light gold.  Clear.  Attractive.

Nose - Faint apple skin.

Flavor - Medium body and acidity.  The residual sweetness is more noticeable than it was for most of the ciders we tested (we won't speculate as to the reason since there are a number of possible explanations).  Not much noticeable tannin except for a hint of astringency on the finish.  

Overall Impression - Very drinkable.  Very good.  Well balanced on its own and great for a base.

Smokehouse Cider