Yarlington Mill

Yarlington Mill Apple

Apple Description

Small to medium sized apple.  Mostly yellow.  Sweet and a bit soft.  Traditional English cider apple.

Juice Analysis

Brix = 15

Specific Gravity = 1.061

pH = 4.49

Total Acidity (Malic) = 2.7

Total Tannin = 0.20%

Cider Description

Color - Chocolate brown (no exaggeration).  A bit cloudy/murky.

Nose - Very intriguing aroma.  Prominent.  Sweet, malty, brown sugar, caramel apple, clove, banana.

Flavor - Full body.  Rich.  Slight residual sweetness is noticeable with the low acidity.  Pleasant tannins - lightly drying and slight bitterness.  Notes of oak, spiced rum, molasses, anise.

Overall Impression - Wow!  Definitely a stand out cider apple.  Wish more ciders tasted like that.

Yarlington Mill Cider